Easter Egg Hunt

There are different difficulty level hunts and prizes/candy in the eggs to enjoy.   Come get your picture taken with the Easter Bunny and meet your neighbors in this fun outing.

The 2023 Easter Egg Hunt will be held on Sunday, March 26th at 1:00pm on the south side of Willowdale Elementary.   Your RSVP will be appreciated.

See the flyer HERE for more details.


**Unfortunately with the recent  weather developments . We are having to cancel today.☹️
But, I do have quite a few eggs with candy that will need to be emptied. So if you would like to come pick up a bag of candy filled eggs to have your own hunt however you like and return them at your leisure, I can have them ready and by mid week. Just email me with the number of kiddos and you can pick them up on my front porch (5063 S. 172nd).


Darn Nebraska weather!
Angie Elgert aelgert@gmail.com


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